Chose from one of the catagories on the is an example from each.


Romantic Fails

Hilarious Fails

Ninja Fails

Not Embarrassing, Just Awesome

 Today, this girl I liked made her Facebook status "Nobody texts me anymore, message me numbers?" I commented that I texted her. She deleted it and changed it to "Nobody that I care about texts me anymore, message me numbers?"

On my way to my class in summer school, I saw a few friends behind me. I said hi to them. Next thing I know, I hit a pole dead on.

While I was at my friend's house for the first time, she thought that it would be funny to throw a bottle at me when I wasn't paying attention. I tried to be all ninja-like and hit it back...I accidently hit her mother in the face when she was walking in the room.

The boy who has the locker next to mine is a jerk to me all the time and calls me a noob, so sometimes I take the stuff he's gotten out of his locker and hide it to mess with him. Today, he couldn't find his lock and accused me of taking it. I then informed him his lock was hanging on the hook in his locker, about six inches from his face, exactly where he put it two minutes ago. I then yelled "WHO'S THE NOOB NOW?" and ran down the hall, laughing, before he could think of something to say