While I was at my friend's house for the first time, she thought that it would be funny to throw a bottle at me when I wasn't paying attention. I tried to be all ninja-like and hit it back...I accidently hit her mother in the face when she was walking in the room.

Today I was eating jello with the foil lid and I couldn't reach the last layer so tipped the pot upside down - caught it all in the lid before it hit the floor. As I was revelling in my ninja skills...I turned and walked into a wall...

Today when I was in english class, my teacher threw a book at me because I looked bored. In the process of catching the book, I tipped over in my desk and, because of the way the room was set up, created a chain of people tipping over.

Back in high school, i was playing catch with my friend, he over shot the ball. As i was sprinting after the ball, looking down, i hit a trash HEAD-ON! I was out cold, my eye brows were bleeding and there was a huge swelling. The trash can had blood stains till this day.