The boy who has the locker next to mine is a jerk to me all the time and calls me a noob, so sometimes I take the stuff he's gotten out of his locker and hide it to mess with him. Today, he couldn't find his lock and accused me of taking it. I then informed him his lock was hanging on the hook in his locker, about six inches from his face, exactly where he put it two minutes ago. I then yelled "WHO'S THE NOOB NOW?" and ran down the hall, laughing, before he could think of something to say

The first day of class, my teacher, as an ice breaker, made us all tell the class what we wanted to be when we grew up when we were five years old. One kid said a jedi. One kid said a Power Ranger. One kid said a lion. One kid said a student at Hogwarts.

Today i was on the app store on my ipod and was going to download a DPBP app. For some random reason i looked at the description and it said: "Its like, only really, really, mini. We hired special miniature kittens to rewrite all of your submissions, and stuffed them into an app. If there are typos, blame it on the catnip and Louie's drunken tuna binges."